A Gem in a Village: Saddle Rock Estates, New York
Saddle Rock Estates, New York is a small community designated in the U.S. Census that is located to the east of Saddle Rock Village. The Village of Saddle Rock is part of Nassau County which, along with Suffolk County, makes up Long Island. It is one of the commuter towns located in proximity to New York City. The area surrounding this community is rich in history and attractions and is a gem next to the village that shares its name. Let’s discover some interesting facts about this community.

The community is located in an area to the east of the village.
It occupies a small space with an area of only one tenth of a square mile. Its borders include Old Mill Road to the north, Bayview Avenue to the west, and N. Clover Drive to the south. It is densely populated with trees yet sparsely dotted with several upper middle-class two-story homes. The community strikes the visitor as one that is peaceful and defines modern American upper-middle income lifestyle but with a history of aristocracy.

Saddle Rock Estates is part of Great Neck. Great Neck is the name given to the northern shore of the Long Island Peninsula.
The history of Great Neck began shortly after the Plymouth Rock landing when a lady by the name of Ann Heatherton attempted to take the area from the original inhabitants. The inhabitants living on the peninsula at the time were the Mattinecock Native Americans. After this, the area was named “Mad Nan’s Neck” which would evolve to the name Great Neck.

The Saddle Rock Grist Mill was a famous flour producing facility built in Great Neck.
It began operation around 1700 and produced corn flour. It was built on Udall’s Pond and ships would float in from Long Island Sound and the East River to export flour from the mill to destinations world-wide. Even today, you can see where some of the cargo ship names were carved into wooden structures belonging to the mill. It operated until 1940 and today is a museum and tribute to the early economy of Long Island.

The Eldridge and Udall families were prominent names in this community.
The Eldridge Family was the owner of the Grist Mill and built a large estate overlooking it. A daughter born into the Udall family would marry into the Eldridge family and be the founder of local parks, a library, and be the first female mayor of Saddle Rock. Her name was Louise Eldridge and she was the last private owner of the Grist Mill and served as mayor of the village from 1926 until she passed away in 1947.

The 9-11 Memorial Bridge preserves the memory of fallen heroes.
This bridge crosses Udall’s Pond and has a clear view of the New York City skyline. On September 11, 2001, the day of the World Trade Center disaster, residents lined up on the bridge and were able to watch the horrors of two towers collapsing before their eyes. The bridge was named the 9-11 Memorial Bridge in remembrance of the firefighters and police officers who lost their lives trying to save others caught in the towers hit by hijacked planes.

There are several other museums in the areas surrounding Saddle Rock Estates.
This quaint area captures the imagination of what it must have been like during colonial days and during the birth of the industrial age. A stroll through Saddle Rock Estates, New York also stirs the imagination of what it must have been like to live in the area during the roaring 1920s era of our nation. Make it part of your sightseeing on your next trip to New York City.

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